Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy -

Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy

Turmeric or commonly called turmeric is a very many herbs in Indonesia. Usually, turmeric is used as a kitchen spice to recite various Indonesian dishes. In addition to flavor, turmeric is also often a natural color enhancer for food. Not only used for kitchen seasoning alone, turmeric is also utilized as a refreshing drink. Many also drink from turmeric that can be glance.

It seems to be a common secret if turmeric has a very good content for digestion of the body. That's why, although sometimes it tastes a bit bitter, many are consuming it. To get around a little bitter taste from turmeric, there is a way to do it. For example, it is processed into various drinks. Here are some of them.

Turmeric Latte

Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy
The turmeric Latte, also known as the Doodh, is a traditional drink combination of milk, turmeric, almond, and cashew nuts. Because of the addition of those ingredients that make turmeric latte so have a delicious flavor. Not only the favors, the Khaciatnya is also a lot. This turmeric drink is claimed to be beneficial to whiten teeth and also treat acne.

Turmeric Milk Tea

Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy
Still utilizing milk, this one drink can also be made for you turmeric lovers. The combination of tea, milk, and turmeric will give a good taste. This turmeric milk tea can be used for antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory. It is suitable for drinking cold weather. It can make the body warm and healthy.

Medicinal turmeric acid

Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy

For you, the people of Indonesian must be very familiar with this one drink yah. herbal medicine is a turmeric acid that has many special efficacy for the body. From alleviating painful menstruation to controlling blood sugar, this turmeric sour herb can be drunk routinely. Can be drunk in warm conditions, can also be in cold. Depending on their tastes and desires.

Turmeric Honey

Varieties Of Turmeric-Based Beverages, Fresh And Healthy

Then there is honey turmeric that has a good taste with efficacy that is so amazing. Turmeric itself has been known as an ingredient with many benefits. Coupled with honey that is also very severe in providing benefits. It tastes also good, dominant sweet from honey. 

This combination of honey and turmeric will be beneficial for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, to anti-cancer. Usually added ingredients like black pepper, grated lemon peel, apple cider vinegar.

Looking for a drink with a delicious taste is no harm and it is legitimate to do. However, it is better if the beverages we consume provide a positive impact on the body.

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