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Overcoming the risk of depression with Lemon herb & turmeric

The work that accumulates and the complexity of various life problems often makes one feel lazy, stressed up to depression. Almost everyone has ever felt stressed up to depression. Not only that, some people who have an innate nature of anxiety, doubt, worry, and excessive fatigue will be easier to experience depression too insomnia.

If you are someone who is also easily tired, stressed and anxious, it is advisable that you start trying to be a quieter, comfortable and happy person. Quoted from the boldsky.com page, the brain enveloped with anxiety and stress can lead to a decreased immune system.

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Excessive depression can also increase the risk of various diseases attacking the body. To overcome the problem of depression and make the mind much quieter, so far tea has a pretty important role. In addition to tea, there are some drinks that effectively suppress the risk of depression. Such drinks are lemon and turmeric.

The nutrients contained in the lemon are potent overcoming stress and calming the mind as well as boosting the immune system. While turmeric, this spice one is potent as an antioxidant that aids in releasing stress hormones in the body.

The way to make your own turmeric lemon herb is very easy, prepare :
  • 1 lemon juice (take the water), 
  • 4 compounds of honey feeding, 
  • 3 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder. 
  • Mix all ingredients then boil until boiling. 

Strain and drink as a healthy physical or psychic herb.

To get impressive results, it is advisable that you consume this drink every morning. Well Ladies, for you who want to have a calm, happy and comfortable mind, it is important to consume this drink regularly.

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