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6 Facts Of White Turmeric Benefits For Health

Turmeric is believed to be able to help overcome some health complaints or illnesses, such as heartburn, joint pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and depression. White Turmeric is one of the types of turmeric that is believed to have many benefits for health, though turmeric types are less commonly found.
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Turmeric belongs to the Ginger family. White turmeric, alternatively known as white turmeric, or Zedoary (Curcuma Zedoaria), is believed to be able to treat various types of diseases. Some of the benefits of white turmeric include analgesic or anti-pain medications, antiallergens, peptic ulcer medications, antitoxins (antidote to snakes can), and anti-inflammations.

The Efficacy Of White Turmeric For Health

Yellow turmeric is more readily found than white turmeric. However, the benefits of white turmeric for health cannot be crossed. Starting from the roots, oil, and leaves of white turmeric, it can be utilized as a remedy.

Plants that are widely found in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Nepal, and Thailand, have been used traditionally by the community as a remedy to overcome menstrual disorders, dyspepsia, vomiting, and cancer.

Although it is still being researched, white turmeric is believed to have many health benefits. The explanation of the benefits of white turmeric is further:

Anti-Bacterial and antifungal

White turmeric can be believed to reduce the amount of microbes in the mouth. Its effectiveness is the same as that of mouthwash products on the market. Additionally, extracts from white turmeric are also believed to inhibit fungal activity on the human body.

Anti Pain

White turmeric is believed to also be used as an analgesic or medication to relieve pain. However, this analgesic effect depends on the magnitude of the dose used.

Peptic Medicine

Flour from the root of white turmeric is believed to reduce the amount and acidity of the gastric fluid, so it can be used as a stomach ulcer medication. However, these benefits still require further clinical research in humans.

Anti Poison

White turmeric extracts are also believed to be antitoxic or bidders can be snakes. It can happen because white turmeric can inhibit the activity of snake venom.
This herb is also believed to be used as a remedy to cope with inflammation or swelling.


White turmeric is believed to be able to help the healing process of cancer because it contains a compound of ethyl pmethocyvinnatate, curcuminoid, Bisdemothxycurcumin, Demothxycurcumin, and flavonoids. It's just that the effectiveness of white turmeric in overcoming cancer still requires further research.


Essential oils from white turmeric are believed to reduce the impact of certain free radicals. In addition to the various benefits above, white turmeric is also believed to be beneficial for the treatment of arthritis symptoms, asthma, anti-rheumatism, and diuretic medications.

Although it has a rather spicy flavor, both yellow and white turmeric is safe for consumption in an unexaggerated dose. However, we recommend consulting a doctor before consuming white turmeric, especially if you have a certain health condition.

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